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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
11/07/19See invite National Republican Senatorial Committee, Todd Young Save the Senate Retreat Washington, DC ()
06/29/16See invite Sen. Marco Rubio (R, FL) Cesar Conda, Kirk Blalock, Manus Cooney, Jim Richards, Experian PAC, Susan Hirschmann, Stacey Hughes, Pat Raffaniello, Rob Chamberlin, U.S. Chamber PAC, Mary Beth Savory Taylor, NCTA PAC, Don Nickles, John O'Neill, Honeywell International PAC, Missy Edwards, Drew Maloney, Pinnacle West PAC, ACLI PAC American Commercial Lines, Jade West, Mauricio Claver-Carone, Aflac PAC, Joe Wall, Scott Weaver, NSSGA ROCKPAC, Devon Energy PAC, Disney PAC, Stephen Replogle, Robbie Aiken, Geoff Verhoff, Manny Rossman, US-Cuba Democracy PAC, AT&T PAC, NFL Gridiron - PAC, AmeriSourceBergen , Eastman PAC, Dirk Van Dongen , The US Oncology Network PAC, Holland & Knight, Bloomin' Brands, Jeff Shapiro, Jason Straczewski, Bridgepoint Education PAC, Liberty Mutual, Atlas Air PAC, BIO PAC, Conwey Casillas, Dan Todd, Trala PAC, Carmen Miller Spence, SeaWorld PAC, Taco PAC, QSR Leaders PAC, Pork PAC, Sean McGlynn, Jim Gale, Marvin Gilliam, CTA PAC, Chevron PAC Reception 101 Constitution Avenue NW Suite 400W
02/16/16See invite Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) Reception Home of Candace Hendrix (Historic Atwood Mansion 2000 Atwood Drive)
03/09/15See invite Ed Gillespie (R, ) Kirk Blalock, Bob Wood, Ed Rogers, Jade West, Dan Meyer, Brian McCormack, David Hobbs, Lanny Griffith, Dirk Van Dongen Campaign Debt Retirement Reception BGR Group Offices (601 13th St NW Eleventh Floor South)
02/12/14See invite Candidate Barbara Comstock (R, ) VIEW PAC Fundraising Breakfast The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
11/08/13See invite Candidate Ellen Andel (R, FL-18) Dr. & Mrs. William Stechschulte, Steven M. Alembik Fundraiser Home of Adrienne and Michael Papa (1124 San Michele Way, Palm Beach Gardens)
08/27/12See invite Brenda Becker, Sam DePoy, Jane Adams, Susan Hirschmann, Aaron Cohen, Cindy Stevens, Missy Edwards, Becky Anderson, Connie Tipton, Judy Black, Kathryn Lehman, Maria Cino, Peggy Ellis, Denise Henry, Tiffany Waddell, Marlene Colucci, Sally Vastola, Sharon Day, Renee Courtland, Kellyanne Conway The White House Party -- Republican Convention The Honey Pot (1507 East 7th Avenue , Tampa)
10/13/11See invite Tuesday Group PAC Sue Kelly Reception Top of the Hill (319 Pennsylvannia Ave SE)
06/14/11See invite Tuesday Group PAC Sue Kelly Reception Strategic Healthcare Townhouse (230 Second Street SE)
02/15/11See invite Tuesday Group PAC Reception Top of the Hill (319 Pennsylvannia Ave SE)
01/25/11See invite Tuesday Group PAC Reception Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave SE)
03/17/10See invite Tuesday Group PAC Event Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave SE)
11/19/09See invite Rep. Martha Roby (R, AL-02) Lunch and Meet UPS Townhouse (421 New Jersey Ave SE)
10/22/09See invite Tuesday Group PAC Reception Strategic Healthcare Townhouse (230 Second Street SE)
10/14/09See invite Dierdre Scozzafava (R, NY-23) Lunch The Home of Bob Meissner (310 D Street NE)
09/21/09See invite Common Sense Common Solutions (Kay Granger) Andrew Shore, Ed Kutler, Glenn LeMunyon, Darin Gardner, Christine Pellerin, Colin Chapman, John Green, Graham Hill, Britton Clarke, Liz Williams, Rick Murphy, Jane Adams, Mary Pat Lawrence, Laura Pemberton, Anna Sagely, Elena Tompkins, Sarah Versaggi, Jill Warren, Susan Hirshmann, Adrian Plesha, Jeff Freeman, Don Kent, Mat Lapinski, Alex McGee, Jeff Pannozzo, Keith Studdard, David Urban, Brian Vanderbloemen, Missy Edwards, Becky Anderson, Hallie Maranchick, Shane Tews, Harriet Melvin, Kyle Gilley, John Halliwell, Sarah Hamlett, Kimberly Hudgins, Katherine Martin, Jeff Ringer, Stacey Shepard, Autumn Veazey Benefit to Women Impacting the Nation 500 8th Street NW
09/16/08See invite Tuesday Group PAC Honorary Host Committee Reception Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave SE)
09/09/08See invite Rep. Melissa Hart (R, PA-4) Luncheon 421 1st Street SE
05/13/08See invite Every Republican Is Crucial PAC (ERICPAC) (Eric Cantor) Charles Symington, Erick Gustafson, Tom McCrocklin, Rick Olson, Stephen Ruhlen, Charlie Landgraf, Jim Febeo, Scott McLucas Fundraising Dinner Brasserie Beck (1101 K St)
04/17/08See invite State Senator Steve Stivers (R, OH) Financial Services Luncheon Reception The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)