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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
06/29/16See invite Sen. Marco Rubio (R, FL) Cesar Conda, Kirk Blalock, Manus Cooney, Jim Richards, Experian PAC, Susan Hirschmann, Stacey Hughes, Pat Raffaniello, Rob Chamberlin, U.S. Chamber PAC, Mary Beth Savory Taylor, NCTA PAC, Don Nickles, John O'Neill, Honeywell International PAC, Missy Edwards, Drew Maloney, Pinnacle West PAC, ACLI PAC American Commercial Lines, Jade West, Mauricio Claver-Carone, Aflac PAC, Joe Wall, Scott Weaver, NSSGA ROCKPAC, Devon Energy PAC, Disney PAC, Stephen Replogle, Robbie Aiken, Geoff Verhoff, Manny Rossman, US-Cuba Democracy PAC, AT&T PAC, NFL Gridiron - PAC, AmeriSourceBergen , Eastman PAC, Dirk Van Dongen , The US Oncology Network PAC, Holland & Knight, Bloomin' Brands, Jeff Shapiro, Jason Straczewski, Bridgepoint Education PAC, Liberty Mutual, Atlas Air PAC, BIO PAC, Conwey Casillas, Dan Todd, Trala PAC, Carmen Miller Spence, SeaWorld PAC, Taco PAC, QSR Leaders PAC, Pork PAC, Sean McGlynn, Jim Gale, Marvin Gilliam, CTA PAC, Chevron PAC Reception 101 Constitution Avenue NW Suite 400W
01/07/15See invite Bluegrass Committee Christopher Wenk, Helen Devlin, Gov. Haley Barbour, Hunter Bates, Ed Rogers, Nancy Dorn, Helen Rhee, Chris Myers, Mike Kiely, BGR Group, Joe Kelly, Chuck Clapton, Marty McGuinness, Jerry Mullins, Cameron Lynch, Sarah Novascone Fundraiser BGR Group Offices (601 13th St NW Eleventh Floor South)
09/17/14See invite Candidate Mark Hutchison (R, NV) Breakfast TBD (Washington, D.C.)
08/13/14See invite Heller High Water PAC (Dean Heller) Annual Lake Tahoe Retreat Lake Tahoe (NV) (Lake Tahoe, NV)
08/14/13See invite Heller High Water PAC (Dean Heller) Trip to Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe (NV) (Lake Tahoe, NV)
03/22/13See invite Heller High Water PAC (Dean Heller) Weekend of Basketball The Palazzo (3325 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas)
03/19/13See invite Sen. David Vitter (R, LA) Financial Services Industries Dinner with Guest Sen. Dean Heller The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
09/20/12See invite Lunch with Sen. Dean Heller Fiola Ristoranta (601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW , Washington )
09/20/12See invite Rep. Connie Mack (R, FL-14) Gathering with Rep. Connie Mack National Republican Senatorial Committee (425 2nd Street NE)
09/13/12See invite Rep. Denny Rehberg (R, MT-0) Reception with Rep. Denny Rehberg National Republican Senatorial Committee (425 2nd Street NE)
09/30/09See invite Rep. Geoff Davis (R, KY-4) Honeywell PAC, Boeing PAC, JPMorgan Chase & Co, American Physical Therapy Assn Fall on the Mall c2 Group (101 Constitution Ave NW Suite 900)
07/21/09See invite Rep. James Jordan (R, OH-4) Michael Beer Reception The Williams & Jensen Townhouse (324 Independence Ave SE)
03/04/09See invite Rep. James Jordan (R, OH-4) Steve Clark, Gary Lytle, Sam Geduldig Intimate Dinner The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
02/11/09See invite Rep. James Jordan (R, OH-4) Birthday Celebration The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
07/31/08See invite Rep. James Jordan (R, OH-4) Summertime BBQ The Williams & Jensen Townhouse (324 Independence Ave SE)