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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
07/12/12See invite Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D, NY-4) Steve Elmendorf, Rob Cogorno, Shanti Stanton, Viacom PAC, Stacey Alexander, Glover Park PAC, Apollo Group PAC Breakfast 25 Massachusetts Ave. (25 Massachusetts Ave., NW)
06/07/12See invite Sen. Mary Landrieu (D, LA) Rhod Shaw, Len Bickwit, Charlie McBride, Parks Shackelford, Melissa Maxfield, Ron Platt, Phil Bangert, National Association of Broadcasters, Lyndon Boozer, Lloyd Hand, Chris Johnsen, Viacom PAC, Bechtel PAC, Carl Bentzel, Frank Craddock, Michael Keeling, Melinda Maxfield, GBTA PAC, NMHC, News America-Fox PAC, Kevin Avery, Linda Bauer Darr, Bridgestone Americas PAC, Paul Cambon, Martin Cancienne, Cox PAC, Glenn Delaney, Dick Egle, Susan Frost, Frederick Graefe, Meredith Irvin, George Nichols, Deborah Nichols, SHIPPAC, John Waits 11th Annual Crawfish Fest The Jones Day Atrium (300 New Jersey Ave NW)
09/15/09See invite Sen. John Thune (R, SD) Disney PAC, MPAA Motion Picture Assn of America PAC, Time Warner PAC, Fox PAC, Viacom PAC, Sony Pictures Entertainment PAC Breakfast Disney Government Relations (425 3rd Street SW Suite 1100)
06/11/09See invite Rep. Howard Berman (D, CA-28) DeDe Lea, Viacom Breakfast Bistro Bis (15 E Street NW)
08/27/08See invite Fidelity, One Campaign, Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA, DLA Piper, CEA Consumer Electronics Assn, Comcast, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Thomas Steyer and Kathryn Taylor, Verizon, Motion Picture Association of America, Symantec, TimeWarner, Viacom, Walt Disney Company, AT&T Inc Federal PAC Kanye West Exdo Event Center (1399 35th Street, Denver)