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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
06/24/08See invite Rep. Tom Allen (D, ME-1) Len Bickwit, Carol Browner, John Chase, Jeff Lawrence, Tom Downey, Robert Hoopes, Kip O'Neill Reception The Home of Tom Downey and Carol Browner (1750 16th Street NW #83)
02/12/08See invite Larry LaRocco (D, ID) Tom Downey, Vic Fazio, Pat Williams, Les AuCoin, Bob Carr, Tom Daschle, Frank Guarini, Dennis Hertel, Jim Jones, Barbara Kennelly, Mike Kopetski, Toby Moffett, Leon Panetta, Gerry Sikorski, Jim Slattery (D, KS), Richard Stallings, James Symington, Jim Turner salute Patton Boggs House (417 New Jersey Ave SE)