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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
08/01/12See invite Rep. Martin Heinrich (D, NM-1) Andy Dodson, Rob Griner, Don Auerbach, Dr. Christine Warnke, Matt Sulkala, Amy Tejral, Phil Bangert, Andy Barbour, Jim Wise, Jeanne Slade, John Buscher, Richard Sullivan, Chris Long, Beau Schuyler, Kim Zimmerman, Josh Raymond, Mary Beth Stanton, Dan Tate, Mike Smith, Linda Lingle, Jonathan Jones, Chris Scribner, Brian Adkins, Cristina Antelow, Mike Hacker, Michael Matlack, Melanie Nathanson, Dan Perez, Andy Vermilye, Corry Westbrook Reception Benefiting Hon. Martin Heinrich Cava Mezze Restaurant (527 8th Street SE)
07/29/08See invite Rep. Mike McMahon (D, NY-13) Roger Mott, Rob Griner, Don Auerbach, Josie Storrs, Kathy Anderson, Chris McCannell, Sam Morgante Event Law Offices of Frederick H. Graefe, PLLC (319 Constitution Ave NE)
06/25/08See invite Rep. Allen Boyd (D, FL-2) Joel Wood, Rob Griner, Francis Creighton, Monique Frazier, Mark Schuermann, Seaver Sowers, Ed Hill, Andy Lewin, John Prible Financial Services Lunch Charlie Palmer Steak (101 Constitution Ave NW)
05/14/08See invite Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D, NY-12) Antonella Pianalto, Rob Griner, Don Auerbach, Scott DeFife, Monique Frazier, New York Life PAC, Ryan Donovan, Peter Kravitz Financial Services Luncheon Bistro Bis (15 E Street NW)
05/07/08See invite Rep. Dennis Moore (D, KS-3) Rob Griner, Monique Frazier, Andy Lewin, Julie Slocum, Andy Barbour, Bobby Thompson, Matt Gannon Dinner Johnny's Half Shell (400 North Capitol Street NW)
09/19/06See invite Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D, CA-10) Rob Griner, Priya Dayananda, Jack Krumholtz, Jay Rosenblum Reception Bistro Bis (15 E Street NW)
06/08/06See invite Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D, NY-12) Jill Edwards, Rob Griner, Maura Solomon, Laura Van Etten, Don Auerbach Lunch Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar (223 Pennsylvania Ave SE)
06/07/06See invite Blue Dog Coalition Charles Symington, Jeff Murray, Andy Dodson, Jill Edwards, Rob Griner, Laura Van Etten, Don Auerbach, Cory Alexander, Jason Cole, Lou Costantino, Francis Creighton, Robert Dibblee, Katherine Lugar, Tom McCrocklin, Georgette Perros, Walter Price, Gina Rigby, Chris Seeger, Andrew Vermilye, Mike Williams, Kim Dorgan, Berry Trimble, David Winston, Maria Berthoud, Tom Litjen, Eric Rizzo, Jarvis Stewart Reception Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (412 First Street SE Suite 300)