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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
03/20/14See invite Rep. Mike Honda (D, CA-15) Human Rights Campaign PAC, Quyen Ta, Andrew & Deborah Rappaport, Ted Fang, Regina Wallace-Jones, Shelly Kapoor-Collins, Norm Wu, Marc Berman, Dale Minami, Henry Der, Pam Rodgers, Carol Izumi An Evening with George Takei TBD (San Francisco, CA)
04/26/13See invite Cory Booker for Senate (Cory Booker) Lisa Goldman, Doug Goldman, John W. Keker, Candice Petty, Samania Young, Chris Young, Michael D. Celio, Emily Chiswick-Patterson, Matan Shacham, Becky Draper, Yolanda Jackson, Angelica Jongco, Daniel Hutcheson, Kevin Nichols, Lorda Randlett, Wade Randlett, Shonda Scott, Jamie Slaughter, Dorrine Streeter, Jon B. Streeter, Quyen Ta, Tiffany Thomas San Francisco Evening Reception Law Offices of Keker and Van Nest LLP (633 Battery Street, San Francisco)