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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
09/30/12See invite Romney Victory Inc. (Mitt Romney) Bill Miller, Nancy Johnson, Bob Bazyk, Greg Butler, Tony Ravosa, Jay Malcynsky, Chris Healy, Jim Barnes, Pam Bazyk, Lori Cavanaugh, Eugene Cavanaugh, Sandra Chase, Arnold Chase, Amy DeGraff, Brian Flaherty, Barbara Franklin, Wally Barnes, Diane Generous, Gregory Hayes, Bob Hensley, Sue Hensley, John Johnson, Michael Lucash, Diviya Magaro, Alex Magaro, Joni Malcynsky, Debbie McInerney, Tom McInerney, Janet Miller, John Pavia, Robert Patricelli Roundtable and Afternoon Reception with Paul Ryan The home of Arnold Chase (3115 Albany Avenue, West Hartford)
02/29/12See invite Sen. Richard Lugar (R, IN) Andy Ehrlich, Nancy Johnson, Howard Baker, Jan Powell, Keith Kennedy, Sheila Burke, Mark Van de Water, David Gogol, Charlie Richardson, David Zook Breakfast 901 K St. NW Suite 900
12/03/09See invite Justin Bernier (R, CT-05) Nancy Johnson Meet and Greet The Home of Nancy Johnson (129 D Street, SE)