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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
10/23/08See invite Rep. Annette Taddeo (D, FL-18) Stephen Bittel, Michael Adler Fundraising Reception Bittel Home (4125 Braganza Ave, Coconut Grove)
09/27/12See invite Sen. Bill Nelson (D, FL) Sen. John Breaux, Stephen Bittel, Michael Adler, Judy Adler, Bill Barzee, Mitchell Berger, Hon. Elaine Bloom, Lois Breaux, Tom Equels, Joy Intriago, Chris Korge, Hon. Fred Lippman, Hon. Jared Moskowitz, Abigail Pollack, FJ Pollack, Jennie Lou Reed, Benjamine Reed, Paul Singerman Lunch Reception with Al Gore The Offices of Berger Singerman (1450 Brickell Avenue #1900)
02/12/14See invite Candidate Alex Sink (D, FL-13) Stephen Bittel, Michael Adler, Michael Moskowitz, Judy Adler, Mitchell Berger, Chris Korge, Joseph Blount, Eddy Arriola, JP Austin, Jeff Bartel, Steve Brodie, Evan Brody, Christopher Findlater, Alan Kluger, Annette Taddeo Evening Reception Home of Michael Adler (4549 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach)