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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
09/24/13See invite Mowrer for Iowa Larry Rasky, Hunter Biden, Trip King Reception Townhouse of April and John Delaney ()
09/24/12See invite Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) Woody Kaplan, Bob Crowe, David White, Marcia Hirshberg, Beth Boland, Barbara Lee, Betsy Pattullo, Fern Beck, Janet Dunlap, Georgia Murray, Lora Pellegrini, Mike Schell, Margo Evans, Rob Barber, Naomi Aberley, Carole Allen, Michael Arnheiter, Barbara Bryant, Nancy Buck, Lilly Deng, Jason Cincotta, Weatherly Ralph Emans, Kathleen Engel, James Rebitzer, Penny Grayson, Kate Haffner, Anne Kelly, Lori Lander, Tom Lesser, Shannon Liss-Riordan, Kevin Liss-Riordan, Amy Lonegran, Ronnie McMorris, John Moriarty, Thomas P. O'Neill III, MJ Powell, Brian Rehrig, Erik Ramanathan, Larry Rasky, Pam Reeve, Steve Rosenfeld, Holly Safford, Susan Shaer, Marilyn Ray Smith, Charles Freifeld, Micho Spring, Jeannie Suk, Karen Cord Taylor, Larry Tribe, Elizabeth Westling, Kate Villers, Phil Villers, Mary Wasserman, Kelsey Wirth Reception The Cyclorama (539 Tremont Street Boston Center for the Arts)