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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
04/27/16See invite Ed Gillespie (R, ) Kent Knutson, Kirk Blalock, Steve Hart, David Norcross, Peter Madigan, Steve Anderson, Bob Wood, John Collingwood, Bruce Gates, Rick Hohlt, Ed Rogers, Vin Weber, Jade West, Loren Monroe, Dan Meyer, Maria Cino, Lanny Griffith, Michael Whatley, Laura Cox Kaplan, Dan Brouillette, Jim Hyland, Marc Cadin, Dirk Van Dongen , Dan Runde, Bill Holtzman, Jack Gerard, Joel Kaplan, Tony Fratto, Don Evans, Dwight Schar, Nathan Burch, Katie Packer Gage, Susan Neely, Steve Cooker, Charlie and Judy Black, Barbara Bowie-Whitman, McKie Campbell, Jim Carter, Steve Cassaday, Phil Cox, Til Hazel, Bob and Joyce Johnson, Chip Kahn, Paul Kyle, Marc and Emily Lampkin, Larry Lindsey, Laura and Dan Murphy, Rob Nichols, Marie Sanderson Reception BGR Group Offices (601 13th St NW Eleventh Floor South)
03/09/15See invite Ed Gillespie (R, ) Kirk Blalock, Bob Wood, Ed Rogers, Jade West, Dan Meyer, Brian McCormack, David Hobbs, Lanny Griffith, Dirk Van Dongen Campaign Debt Retirement Reception BGR Group Offices (601 13th St NW Eleventh Floor South)
06/11/12See invite Tenn PAC (Lamar Alexander) Whit Ayres, Rick Hohlt, Steve Watson, Lanny Griffith, Tom Ingram, Henry Cashen, A.B. Culvahouse, Mark Merritt, Mike Murphy, Mike Tuffin Reception The FIRST Group Offices (601 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 210)
05/15/12See invite Tenn PAC (Lamar Alexander) Rick Shelby, David Morgenstern, Lanny Griffith Lunch American Gas Association Offices (400 N Capitol Street NW 4th Floor)
07/20/10See invite Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R, MS-01) Mike Chappell, Keith Studdard, Jennifer Larkin Lukawski, Mary-Lacey Reuther, Lanny Griffith, John Herzog, Serena Clark Luncheon BGR Group Offices (601 13th St NW Eleventh Floor South)
02/10/10See invite Randy Altschuler (R, NY-01) Wayne Berman, Charlie Black, Susan Hirschmann, Vin Weber, Judy Black, Lanny Griffith, Steve Gordon Reception Oceanaire Seafood Room (1201 F Street NW)
11/18/09See invite Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R, MS-01) John Green, John Keast, Lanny Griffith Reception Johnny's Half Shell (400 North Capitol Street NW)