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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
07/24/12See invite Obama Victory Fund - Joint Fundraising Committee (Barack Obama) Ty Alexander, Paula Ballog, Joyce Bender, Stephen Bennett, Mary Brougher, Tony Coehlo, Bob Dreher, Becky Ogle, Mark Perriello, Jonathan Young Reception with Valerie Jarrett The Rivers Club (301 Grant Street One Oxford Centre Suite 411)
09/26/16See invite Hillary Victory Fund (Hillary Clinton) Joyce Bender, Tony Coehlo, Jonathan Young, Fmr Attorney Gen. Eric Holder, Marca Bristo, Melody and Ronnie Musgrave, Ari Ne'eman, Carolyn Osolink, Eddie Correia, Curtis Richards, Fred Schroeder, Nellie Wild Disability Action for Hillary with Eric H. Holder TBD (Washington, D.C.)