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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
12/04/15See invite Jeb Bush Al Cardenas, William Harrison, Slater Bayliss, Husein Cumber, Seth Bernstein, Jorge L. Arrizurieta, Joe Caruncho, Sue Cobb, Ed Easton, Frances Fisher, Alan Florez, Mark Guzzetta, Jack Kelly, Randall Mcelhenry, Piyush and Rupal Patel, Neil A. Currie Reception Home of Roxana and Raul Henriquez (11 Harbot Point, Key Biscayne )
05/28/15See invite Right to Rise super PAC Kirby Schlegel, Shelby & Malachi Boyuls, Thomas E. Gleason, Mac Helms, Daniel Branch, Taylor & Jeb Mason, Jonathan Neerman, Bryan Pickens, Husein Cumber, Paul H. Dickerson Young Professionals Reception W Dallas Residences (2430 Victory Park Ln. 29th Floor)