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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
03/09/11See invite Women's Policy, Inc. Patricia Schroeder, Heather Wingate, Judy Blanchard, Amy Plaster, Karen Judd Lewis, Melissa Shannon, Rebecca Mandell, Nikki Heidepriem, Andy Blocker, Janet McKulsky, Myke Reid, Alice Borrelli, Ann Costello, Lawrence Duncan III, Darrel C Jodrey, Thomas B Lilburn, Mimi Mager, Cathy Nyce, Angela Oh, Dean T Pappas, Anna M Schneider, Elizabeth Shuler, Lorraine Thelian 2011 Congressional Gala Union Station - East Hall (40 Massachusetts Ave NE)
04/03/08See invite Sen. Sam Brownback (R, KS) Peter Blocklin, Tim McGivern, Jack Hession, Lake Coulson, Erik Hotmire, Brian Henneberry, Pat Templeton, Heather Wingate, Michael Thompson, Ari Storch Special Lunch The Monocle Restaurant (107 D Street NE)