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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
10/29/15See invite Jeb 2016, Inc. (Jeb Bush) Carlos M. Gutierrez, Hon. Joshua Bolten, Brian McCormack, Robbie Aiken, Andy Card, Dirk Van Dongen , Frank Mermoud, Chris Israel, Diane Tomb, Brad Belt, Debbie and Alan Dunn, Frank Hager, Elizabeth and Scott Hague, Paul Horvath, Manisha and Roy Kapani, Jay Lefkowitz, Anita and Tim McBride, David Metzner, Ziad Ojakli, Jack Oliver, Kiersten and Justin Peterson, John Rogers, Dave Spence, Linda and Steve Willard, Suzanne and Glenn Youngkin Reception with George W. Bush Home of Paul Horvath ()
07/22/15See invite Jeb 2016, Inc. (Jeb Bush) Brian McCormack, Anita McBride, Jack Oliver, Dirk Van Dongen , Doro Bush Koch, Frank Mermoud, Marvin Bush, Jamie Wareham, Columba Bush Reception with Columba Bush Home of Frank Mermoud and Ned Shannon (5220 Partridge Lane NW)