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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
06/02/07See invite Obama for America (Barack Obama) Robert Harris, Doug Hickey, Phil Tagami, Steve Westly, Alice Waters, Quinn Delaney, Wayne Jordan, Dorrine Streeter, Jon B. Streeter Fundraiser Quinn Delaney & Wayne Jordan (Piedmont, CA)
03/09/12See invite Obama Victory Fund - Joint Fundraising Committee (Barack Obama) Stephanie Cutter, Teddy Goff, Technology for Obama National and Regional Co-Chairs, Alexa Wesner, Rusty Rueff, Shervin Pishevar, Jon Bischke , Craig Hanson, Robert Craddock, Doug Hickey, John Price, Ben Cohen, Aneesh Chopra, Harper Reed Cocktail Reception Six Lounge (117 W 4th St, Austin)
06/14/13See invite Democratic National Committee Doug Hickey, Dawn Ross Reception with Joe Biden Home of Doug Hickey and Dawn Ross (San Francisco, CA)