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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
09/26/16See invite Sen. Evan Bayh (D, IN) Fred Humphries, Byron Dorgan, Joseph & Nancy Jacobson, Tamera Luzzatto, Brad Queisser, Bennett Johnston Fundraiser Home of Mack McLarty (Embassy Row)
09/24/15See invite Rep. Baron Hill (D, IN-9) Jeff Murray, Lyndon Boozer, Chuck Brain, Libby Greer, Mary Beth Stanton, Penny Farthing, Linda Daschle, Alan Roth, Ryan Guthrie, Stefan Bailey, Jay Potesta, Brad Queisser, Joel Riethmiller, Jessica Woolley Reception in support of Baron P. Hill 101 Constitution Ave, NW Suite 500 West (101 Constitution Ave, NW Suite 500 West)