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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
09/27/17See invite Representative Jacky Rosen (D, NV-03) Amy Tejral, Jeff Forbes, Mike Smith, Tracy Spicer, Jake Perry Kick-off Reception in support of Jacky Rosen Avenue Solutions (401 9th Street NW Suite 720)
04/26/17See invite Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) Amy Tejral, Mike Smith, Tracy Spicer Lunch Avenue Solutions (401 9th Street NW Suite 720)
06/03/15See invite Sen. Candidate Ted Strickland (D, OH) Sen. John Breaux, Steve Elmendorf, Amy Tejral, Holly Kinnamon, Jeff Forbes, Paul DiNino, Izzy Klein, Dan Tate, Oscar Ramirez, Dick Gephardt, Tom O'Donnell, Mike Smith, Tracy Spicer, Justin Brennan Reception Bistro Bis (15 E Street NW)
08/01/12See invite Rep. Martin Heinrich (D, NM-1) Andy Dodson, Rob Griner, Don Auerbach, Dr. Christine Warnke, Matt Sulkala, Amy Tejral, Phil Bangert, Andy Barbour, Jim Wise, Jeanne Slade, John Buscher, Richard Sullivan, Chris Long, Beau Schuyler, Kim Zimmerman, Josh Raymond, Mary Beth Stanton, Dan Tate, Mike Smith, Linda Lingle, Jonathan Jones, Chris Scribner, Brian Adkins, Cristina Antelow, Mike Hacker, Michael Matlack, Melanie Nathanson, Dan Perez, Andy Vermilye, Corry Westbrook Reception Benefiting Hon. Martin Heinrich Cava Mezze Restaurant (527 8th Street SE)
01/25/12See invite Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Amy Tejral, Jamie Houton, Lucy Calautti, Josh Alkin, Tracy Spicer, Michael Smith Reception 300 Independence Ave SE
06/14/11See invite Sen. Chris Coons (D, DE) Amy Tejral, John Buscher, Paul DiNino, Mike Smith, David Barrosse Reception Cornerstone Government Affairs (300 Independence Ave SE)
05/18/11See invite Sen. Ben Nelson (D, NE) Tom Jolly, Andy Dodson, Rich Tarlpin, Amy Tejral, Kathy Anderson, Brian Pomper, Kim Zimmerman, Paul DiNino, David Culver, Mike Smith, Michaela Sims, Roslyn G. Brooks, Sara Conrad, Brian Coyne, Robert Glennon, Mike Hogan, Donald Norden, Beverly Paul, Anna Taylor, John Troy Birthday Fundraiser Express Scripts (300 New Jersey Ave. NW Suite 600)
05/10/11See invite Sen. Tim Kaine (D, VA) Amy Tejral, John Buscher, Eddie Ayoob, Jeff Forbes, Paul DiNino, Mike Smith, Tracy Spicer Reception Cornerstone Government Affairs (300 Independence Ave SE)
03/02/11See invite Sen. Joe Manchin (D, WV) Amy Tejral, Paul DiNino, Tracy Spicer, Michael Smith Breakfast Cornerstone Government Affairs (300 Independence Ave SE)
02/28/11See invite Rep. Chris Murphy (D, CT-5) Amy Tejral, John Buscher, Paul DiNino, Josh Alkin, Mike Smith Reception Cornerstone Government Affairs (300 Independence Ave SE)
05/24/10See invite Sen. Ben Nelson (D, NE) Andy Dodson, Jimmy Williams, Shannon Finley, Amy Tejral, Kathy Anderson, Kim Zimmerman, David Culver, Jeff Forbes, Nicole Antorcha, Roger Blauwet, David DiMartino, Scott McCullers, Michaela Sims Birthday Celebration Cava Mezze Restaurant (527 8th Street SE)
03/17/10See invite Sen. Harry Reid (D, NV) Amy Tejral, Tracy Spicer, Lisa Kazor St. Patrick's Day Breakfast The Phoenix Park Hotel (520 North Capitol St NW)
12/03/09See invite Sen. Patty Murray (D, WA) Amy Tejral, Mike Smith, Elizabeth Barnett, Tracy Spicer Breakfast Avenue Solutions (900 7th Street, NW Suite 750)
11/04/09See invite Sen. Ben Nelson (D, NE) Henry Bonilla, Amy Tejral, Sheryl Bonilla Lunch UPS Townhouse (421 New Jersey Ave SE)
06/25/08See invite Rep. Dina Titus (D, NV-3) Rick Murphy, Shannon Finley, David Krone, Rich Tarlpin, Stephanie Markiwicz, Peter Arapis, Kevin Kayes, Bartley O'Hara, Amy Tejral, Ron Platt, Susan Platt, Claudia James, Rich Lopez, Pat Williams, Jimmy Ryan, Sandi Stuart Breakfast The home of Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (208 D Street SE)