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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
10/03/18See invite Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) Kevin Conlon, William Singer, JACPAC, Adam Hitchcock, Joshua Rogers & Lesley Weisenbacher, Neil Hirsch, Matt & Denise Gibson, Genevieve Thiers, Dana Gordon, Steven Sheffey, Rep. Mike Quigley Fundraiser in support of Mikie Sherrill 554 W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago
10/20/16See invite CJ Baricevic (D, IL-12) Kevin Conlon, Lucy Moog, Chris Dunn, Craig Martin, Kevin O'Keefe, Alyx Pattison, Hugh Mallaney, Adam Hitchcock, Patrick Croke, Nick Colvin, Kimberly Halvorsen, John Kamis, Christopher Kennedy Reception in support of CJ Baricevic Conlon & Dunn (1 East Wacker Ste. 500)
05/24/16See invite Hillary Victory Fund (Hillary Clinton) Kevin Conlon, Amy Singh, David Anderson, Adam Hitchcock, Jon Samuels, Former White House Chief of Staff William M Daley, Randy Rivera, Laura Beth Gash, Todd Connor, Chris Lunningham Speaker Series with Honorable William M. Daley The Bunker (Chicago, IL)
04/18/16See invite Hillary Victory Fund (Hillary Clinton) Kevin Conlon, David Plouffe, Katelynd Duncan, Abby Erwin, Adam Hitchcock, Kevin Morris, Marilynn Rubio, Jon Samuels, Abigail Schmitz, Joshua Schwartz Speaker Series with David Plouffe TBD (Chicago, IL)