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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
12/01/19See invite Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D, IN) Fight for $15 Action Fund, South Carolina McDonald's Workers Roundtable Discussion North Charleston, SC
04/30/18See invite Protect the House PAC Roundtable Discussion with VP Mike Pence Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills, CA)
08/11/15See invite Marco Rubio for President (Marco Rubio) Sona Combs, David Combs, Janice Dickson, Mark Dickson, Renae Mehan, Young Professionals at the Petroleum Club Roundtable Discussion and Lunch Long Beach Petroleum Club (3636 Linden Avenue, Long Beach)
05/16/15See invite Sen. Chuck Grassley (R, IA) Private Roundtable Discussion University Club (1360 Melrose Ave., Iowa City)
03/30/15See invite Democratic National Committee Roundtable Discussion Area Four (500 Technology Square, Cambridge)
03/13/15See invite Judge James Daley (WI) Roundtable Discussion The Milwaukee Athletic Club (758 N. Broadway, Milwaukee)
03/12/15See invite Democratic National Committee Chris Silbermann, Julia Franz Roundtable Discussion TBD (Los Angeles, CA)
02/20/15See invite Attorney Genera Brad Schimel (R, WI) Lunch & Roundtable Discussion Rye at the Copperleaf Hotel (308 W. College Ave., Appleton)
10/14/14See invite Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Megan Beyer DCCC Roundtable Discussion & Dinner Home of Tori Winkler Thomas (McLean, VA)
10/10/14See invite Democratic National Committee DNC Roundtable Discussion Home of Michael & Eva Chow (Los Angeles, CA)
08/22/14See invite Rep Jared Polis (D, CO) Roundtable Discussion on College Affordability University of Colorado Boulder (1720 Pleasant St., Boulder)
08/20/14See invite Republican Governors Association Larry Nichols, John Richels, Allen Wright Private Roundtable Discussion Credit Union House of Oklahoma (631 East Hill St., Oklahoma City)
07/24/14See invite Democratic National Committee Michael Rapino, Jolene Rapino Roundtable Discussion Home of Michael & Jolene Rapino (Los Angeles, CA)
07/15/14See invite Democratic National Committee Sonny Ward, Michael Lombardo Roundtable Discussion Home of Michael Lombardo & Sonny Ward (Los Angeles, CA)
07/10/14See invite Democratic National Committee Aimee Boone Roundtable Discussion Fundraiser Home of Aimee Boone Cunningham (Austin, TX)
06/14/14See invite Democratic National Committee Anne Earhart Roundtable Discussion TBD (Laguna Beach, CA)
05/08/14See invite Democratic National Committee Roundtable Discussion Beverly Hilton Hotel (9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills)
04/09/14See invite Democratic National Committee Steve Mostyn, Amber Mostyn Roundtable Discussion Home of Steve and Amber Mostyn (Houston, TX)
02/28/14See invite Democratic National Committee Roundtable Discussion TBD (Washington, D.C.)
12/09/13See invite National Republican Congressional Committee Breakfast and Roundtable Discussion Home of Rep. John Mica (Orlando, FL)