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Date Beneficiary Host Event Location
06/04/12See invite Jennifer Roberts for Congress Campaign Kickoff Meet & Greet Fundraiser Roberts for Congress Campaign Headquarters (1105 Greenwood Cliff, Charlotte)
04/01/12See invite Mitt Romney (R, ) Amb. John Bolton Meet & Greet with Ambassador John Bolton Royal Kosher Restaurant (7002 Reisterstown Road, Baltimore)
03/29/12See invite Rep. Steny Hoyer (D, MD-5) Financial Services Industry Meet & Greet Capitol Steps (Door to steps next to H-144)
03/08/12See invite Rep. Chris Gibson (R, NY-20) McAllister and Quinn Meet & Greet The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
11/15/11See invite Sen. Candidate Sarah Steelman (R, MO) John Testrake, Emily Testrake Meet & Greet & Cocktail Reception Home of John & Emily Testrake (5232 Washington Place, St. Louis)
10/25/11See invite WomenLEAD 2012 WomenLEAD Meet & Greet Wasserman Room (430 S Capitol St SE)
09/08/11See invite Rep. Betty Sutton (D, OH-13) Defense Industry Meet & Greet Tortilla Coast (400 First Street SE)
06/17/10See invite John J. Loughlin II (R, RI-01) Mike Zarrelli, Matt Keelen, Jay Perron, Brock Bierman Meet & Greet and Fundraising Dinner National Republican Congressional Committee (310 First Street SE)
04/28/10See invite William Binnie (R, NH) Jade West, Dirk Vandongen, James Anderson Meet & Greet National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (1325 G Street NW Suite 1000)
03/23/10See invite Ryan L. Frazier (R, CO) Meet & Greet Bryan Cave Stategies LLC (1155 F Street, NW)
11/17/09See invite Danny Tarkanian (R, NV) Meet & Greet The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
11/05/09See invite Rep. Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) National Restaurant Association PAC Meet & Greet National Restaurant Association (1200 17th Street, NW First Floor)
06/10/09See invite Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ-8) Rep. Patrick Murphy (D, PA-8) Rep. Larry Kissell (D, NC-8) DCCC Defense Meet & Greet Democratic National Headquarters (430 South Capitol Street SE)
06/04/09See invite Rep. Bobby Bright (D, AL-2) Rep. Eric Massa (D, NY-29) Rep. Glenn Nye (D, VA-2) DCCC Defense Meet & Greet Democratic National Headquarters (430 South Capitol Street SE)
05/22/09See invite Rep. Scott Murphy (D, NY-20) Tanya Lombard, Alix Burns, Janice Enright, John Michael Gonzalez, Harold Ickes, Jonathon Jones, Cristina Krasow, Sheila Murphy, Jeff Peck, Sean Richardson, Joe Stewart Meet & Greet 1300 Connecticut Ave NW 6th floor
05/21/09See invite Rep. Michael Arcuri (D, NY-24) Telecom Industry Meet & Greet 607 14th Street NW Suite 400
05/06/09See invite Rep. Ted Poe (R, TX-2) Meet & Greet Reception The Capitol Hill Club (300 First Street SE)
04/29/09See invite Rep. Hank Johnson (D, GA-4) Defense Industry Meet & Greet Art and Soul (415 New Jersey Ave NW)
04/29/09See invite Rep. Parker Griffith (D, AL-5) Siemens Corporation Medical Imaging Industry Meet & Greet Offices of Intuit (601 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 200)
04/21/09See invite Rep. Rob Simmons (R, CT-2) Ed Kutler, Missy Edwards, Vin Weber, Jim Noone Meet & Greet Clark & Weinstock (601 13th Street NW Suite 410 South)