Political Party Time

Extend an Invite


Host matches

Host name
Cigar Association of America
Cigar PAC
International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association

Venue matches

CXIII Rex Cigar Club
Cigar Emporium at Park Place

Entertainment matches

Entertainment type
Birthday Roast with Live Music, Cigars and Open Bar
Cigar Night
An Evening of Wine & Cigars
Irish Whiskey & Cigar Themed 5 Course Chef Event
Cigars and Spirits Reception
Cocktails and Cigar Reception
Cigar Reception with Congressman Hurt
Cigar and Burbon Reception
Republican Convention-Latin Samba reception with flamenco dancers, cigar rollers, Latin music and dancing
Boubon and Cigar Recpetion with Bluegrass Pre-Session -- Republican Convention
John Boehner Cigar Party -- Republican Convention
Evening of Wine and Cigars
Cigar Smoke
Scotch & Cigars
Cigars and Cocktails
Cocktails & Cigars
Barbeque and Cigar Reception
Drinks. Hors d'Oeuvres, Dessert and Cigars
Scotch & Cigars Reception
Cigar Night and Bourbon Tasting
Cocktails & Cigars Reception
Cigar Night and Memorial Day Weekend Kickoff
Scotch Tasting and Cigar Reception
Cigar Night
Cigar Night
Cigars & Scotch Tasting
Evening of Cigars and Cocktails
Cigars and Scotch Reception
Cocktails & Cigars
Long Island Wine and Cigar Tasting
Cigar Dinner
Rooftop "Cocktails and Cigars under the Stars"
Cigar and Whiskey Tasting
Cigar & Cocktail Reception