Political Party Time

Extend an Invite



10/13/14See invite Candidate Joni Ernst (R, IA) Closed-Door Breakfast Fundraiser , Cedar Rapids, IA
10/13/14See invite Gov. Candidate Jeff Johnson (R, MN) Private Fundraiser , Columbia Heights, MN
10/13/14See invite Minnesota Republican Party (R, MN) Private Fundraiser , Columbia Heights, MN
10/13/14See invite Sen. Mark Udall (D, CO) Colorado Democratic Party (D, CO) Colorado Senate Victory Fund (Mark Udall, Colorado Democratic Party) Tea at the Brown Palace , 321 17th Street, Denver, CO
10/13/14See invite Sen. Harry Reid (D, NV) Reid Nevada Fund (Sen. Harry Reid) Special Evening , 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV
10/13/14See invite Charlie Crist (D, FL) Russ Klenet, Stacy Ritter Fundraiser , Parkland, FL
10/12/14See invite Candidate Barbara Comstock (R, ) Veterans Roundtable , 14550 John Marshall Hwy., Haymarket, VA
10/12/14See invite Gov. Nathan Deal (R, GA) BBQ Fundraiser , 54 Nunnally Farm Rd., Monroe, GA
10/12/14See invite Rand Paul Victory Committee Rand Paul's Barnburner & BBQ , 1344 Gavin Lane, Bowling Green, KY
10/12/14See invite Rep. Jeff Duncan (R, SC-03) Sage Valley Trip , Aiken, SC
10/11/14See invite Democratic National Committee DNC Roundtable Fundraiser , San Francisco, CA
10/11/14See invite Candidate Carl DeMaio (R, CA) Fundraising Brunch , Pacific Beach, CA
10/11/14See invite Candidate Carl DeMaio (R, CA) Fundraising Luncheon , Pacific Beach, CA
10/11/14See invite Monmouth County Democrats (D, NJ) 24 Day Countdown to Victory Breakfast , 3301 NJ 138, Wall Township, NJ
10/11/14See invite Fourth Congressional District Republican Party (R, KY) Charging to Victory Rally & Fundraiser , 2395 Progress Dr., Hebron, KY
10/11/14See invite Gov. Candidate Dennis Richardson (R, OR) Fundraiser , Lake Oswego, OR
10/11/14See invite Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Fundraiser , Minneapolis, MN
10/10/14See invite Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Grassroots Event with President Bill Clinton , 84 Church St., SE, Minneapolis, MN
10/10/14See invite Candidate Barbara Comstock (R, ) Kirk Blalock, Dan Mattoon, Greg Casey, Fluor PAC, Ziad Ojakli, International Paper PAC, Hewlett Packard PAC, Donna Harman, Jade West, Frank Donatelli, Maria Cino, Julie Conway, Altria PAC, Denise Bode, VIEW PAC, Dirk Van Dongen , James Carter, Jim Anderson, Mark Allen, Michelle Dimarob, Jon Eisen, Ernst & Young PAC, Raymond LaJeunesse, Scott Melville, Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers PAC Luncheon , 1325 G Street NW Suite 1000, Washington, DC
10/10/14See invite Republican Governors Association Fundraiser , Providence, RI