Political Party Time

Extend an Invite



04/11/14See invite Republican Party of New Hampshire Reception , Hampton Falls, NH
04/11/14See invite Republican Party of Iowa Iowa GOP's Lincoln Dinner , 350 1st Ave., NE, Cedar Rapids, IA
04/11/14See invite Robert Dold (R, IL-10) Reception and Luncheon , 300 North LaSalle, Chicago, IL
04/10/14See invite Sen. Mitch McConnell (R, KY) Connie Tipton, Ford Motor Company PAC, Wayne Valis, Toyota-Lexus PAC, Renewable Fuels PAC, Toyota-Gulf PAC, Paint PAC, American Composites Manufacturers PAC Dinner , 601 13th St., NW Ste. 901 South , Washington, D.C.
04/10/14See invite Connecticut Republican Party (R, CT) Prescott Bush Awards Dinner , One First Stamford Place, Stamford, CT
04/10/14See invite Marjorie Margolies Darren Check Fundraiser , 1701 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA
04/09/14See invite Candidate Carl DeMaio (R, CA) Fundraising reception , La Jolla, CA
04/09/14See invite Democratic National Committee Steve Mostyn, Amber Mostyn Roundtable Discussion , Houston, TX
04/09/14See invite State Senator Evan Jenkins (R, WV) Reception , 300 First Street SE, Washington, DC
04/09/14See invite House Senate Victory Fund Dinner , Houston, TX
04/09/14See invite Rep. Tom Rooney (R, FL-16) Reception , 123 D Street SE, Washington, DC
04/08/14See invite Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Fourteenth Annual Spring Kickoff Event , 305 NE Dartmoor Drive, Waukee, IA
04/07/14See invite Ready for Hillary Jon Stryker LGBT-themed Fundraiser , 450 W. 14th St., New York, NY
04/07/14See invite Rep. Austin Scott (R, GA-08) National Marine Manufacturers Association's Boat PAC Cherry Blossom Cruise , 1300 Maine Avenue SW, Washington, DC
04/07/14See invite Georgia Republican Party Spring Gala , 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, GA
04/07/14See invite Candidate Scott Brown (R, NH) Reception , 4 F Street, NW, Washington , DC
04/07/14See invite Rep. John Boehner (R, OH-8) John Catsimatidis, Sue Kelly, Edward Finch Cox, Patrick Durkin, Hon. John C. Whitehead, Wilbur Ross, Charlie Glazer, Shaesta Humayun, Charles Lefkowitz Reception , 979 3rd Ave. 14th Floor, New York, NY
04/06/14See invite Candidate Pat Hays (D, AR-2) Fundraiser , 405 Main St., North Little Rock, AR
04/06/14See invite Candidate Barbara Comstock (R, ) Lisa Gable, Jim Gable, Jennifer & Scott Andrews, Judith Ayres Burke, Vito Germinario, Mary Mochary, Susan Ralston, Jim Rich, Renee & Wyatt Stewart Wine & Cheese Reception , 10027 John S. Mosby Hwy., Upperville, VA
04/05/14See invite Candidate Lavern Chatman (D, VA-8) Oprah Winfrey Empowering Women & Girls for Leadership , 1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA