Political Party Time

Extend an Invite



11/23/14See invite Zionist Organization of America Alan Dershowitz, Sheldon Adelson, Miriam Adelson, Michael Leven, John Hagee, Bernie Marcus, Morton A. Klein, Mortimer Zuckerman Zionist Organization of America Dinner , 109 East 42nd Street Grand Central Terminal, New York City, NY
11/22/14See invite Rep. Bill Cassidy (R, LA-6) Fundraiser , Metairie, LA
11/21/14See invite Judge James Daley (WI) Cocktail Reception , 25 Larch Circle, Madison, WI
11/20/14See invite Sen. Mary Landrieu (D, LA) Lunch Reception , 107 D Street NE, Washington, DC
11/20/14See invite Rep. Ted Lieu (D, CA-33) Breakfast , 15 E Street NW, Washington, DC
11/20/14See invite Sen. Pat Roberts (R, KS) Debt Retirement Reception , 220 E Street NE, Washington, DC
11/20/14See invite Ready for Hillary Grassroots Fundraiser , 510 LaGuardia Pl., New York, NY
11/19/14See invite Atty. Gen. Cand Jeff Landry (R, LA) Fundraiser , Washington, D.C.
11/19/14See invite Sen. Mary Landrieu (D, LA) Luke Albee, Mike Henry, Hayden Rogers, Mike Lynch, Todd Webster, Jamie Fleet, Casey Aden-Wansbury, Neil Campbell, JP Dowd, Jennifer Duck, Joel Elliott, Jess Fassler, Bill Ghent, Steve Haro, Maura Keefe, Betsy Lin, Chris Lynch, Jeff Michels, Pete Mitchell, Bill Murat, Mindy Myers, Mark Powden, David Ramseur, Laurie Rubiner, Laura Schiller, Andy Winer, Andy York, Michael Zamore, Tessa Gould Happy Hour , 316 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington, DC
11/19/14See invite Sen. Cory Booker (D, NJ) Evening Reception , 575 7th Street NW, Washington, DC
11/19/14See invite Rep. Ken Buck (R, CO-4) Thank You Reception , 300 First Street SE, Washington, DC
11/19/14See invite Rep. Bob Dold (R, IL-10) "Celebrate His Election and Retire His Debt" Fundraiser , 901 9th St., NW, Washington, DC
11/19/14See invite Rep. Kristi Noem (R, SD-01) Reception , 223 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC
11/18/14See invite Republican Governors Association Fundraiser , Boca Raton, FL
11/18/14See invite Rep. Raul Grijalva (D, AZ-7) Annual Fall Fiesta , 224 D Street SE, Washington, DC
11/17/14See invite Governor Jerry Brown (D, CA) Private Reception and Sit Down Conversation with Gov. Jerry Brown , 1215 19th St., Sacramento, CA
11/17/14See invite Maryland Republican Party (R, MD) Luncheon and Meet & Greet , 189 Main St., Annapolis, MD
11/14/14See invite Sen. Ben Sasse (R, NE) Breakfast Fundraiser , Washington, D.C.
11/14/14See invite Sen. Mike Crapo (R, ID) Weekend at the Greenbrier , White Sulphur Springs, WV
11/13/14See invite Rep. Tom Cotton (R, AR) Debt Retirement Reception , 400 North Capitol Street NW, Washington, DC