Political Party Time

Extend an Invite



07/28/16See invite Democratic National Committee House Majority PAC, Priorities USA, Senate Majority PAC, Snoop Dogg Unity Party , 421 N 7th St, Philadelphia, PA
07/26/16See invite People for the American Way Amy Gavin, Ted Gavin, Andrew Tobias, Yolanda Parker, Michael Keegan, Lyn and Norman Lear, Lara Bergthold, Judd Apatow, Colleen Keegan, Dolores Huerta, Jamie Raskin, Rev. Dr. Robert Shine, Sr. Fundraiser , 243 Chesnut St, Philadelphia, PA
07/26/16See invite Rep. Keith Ellison (D, MN-5) Rep. Raul Grijalva (D, AZ-7) Rep. Barbara Lee (D, CA-9) Rep. Alan Grayson (D, FL-8) Rep. Mark Pocan (D, WI-2) Progressive Action PAC Reception , 222 North 20th Street Franklin Hall, Philadelphia, PA
07/26/16See invite Democrats of the House and Senate Energy and Commerce Committees Democratic All Star Challenge , Philadelphia, PA
07/26/16See invite Voto Latino, Gloria Steinem, Joanna Coles, Nancy Northup Congress, the Courts, and Your Body , 101 South Independence Mall E, Philadelphia, PA
07/26/16See invite Trump Victory Fund (Donald Trump) Ambassador Mel Sembler, Brian Ballard, John Browning, Reince Priebus, Pepe Fanjul Jr., Murray Goodman, Steven Mnuchin, Lewis M. Eisenberg, Max Alvarez, Itchko Ezratti, Fred Karlinsky, Mitch Maidique, Syl Lukis, Lou Sola, Rep. Carlos Trujillo Reception and Dinner Bayside location, Tampa, FL
07/26/16See invite New York Life PAC, Johnson and Jonson PAC, AFLAC, Celinda Lake, Cokie Roberts, Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Womens Voices, Women Vote Action Fund Inspiring Women Luncheon Discussion , 1324 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA
07/26/16See invite Planned Parenthood Action Fund Jenn Higgins, Voto Latino Sex, Politics, and Cocktails , 1026 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA
07/25/16See invite Democratic National Committee Future Forum Caucus The Future is Blue , Philadelphia, PA
07/25/16See invite Tim Pawlenty, Nan J. Morrison, Council for Economic Education, Jeremy Anderson, Tim Armstrong, Ted Beck, Richard G. Ketchum, Dr. Annamarie Lusardi, W. Rodney McMullen, David W. Nelms, Robert S. Nichols, Marc Sheinbaum, Fritz Heinemann Financial Literacy , 1324 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA
07/25/16See invite Candidate Alice Madden (D, CO) Reception , 1960 S. Gilpin St., Denver, CO
07/25/16See invite LeeAnn Petersen, DEM Convention Strategies, Virginia Mayer Transportation Industry Leaders Reception , 1324 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA
07/25/16See invite LeeAnn Petersen, Bryan Anderson, Southern Company, Bret Baier, Michael Collins, Gretchen Hamm, Andrew King, Kirk Rostron, No Greater Sacrifice, Francessa Cox, Jeff Dawson, B.R. McConnon No Greater Sacrifice Congressional Shootout , Ardmore, PA
07/24/16See invite DEM Convention Strategies Reception Honoring Democratic Campaign and Congressional Staff , 1234 Locust St, Philadelphia , PA
07/23/16See invite Candidate Greg Evers (R, FL-2) Full-Auto Fundraiser , Pensacola , FL
07/23/16See invite Hillary Victory Fund (Hillary Clinton) Robby Mook LGBT and Allies Convention Kickoff , Philadelphia, PA
07/21/16See invite Tim Pawlenty, Nan J. Morrison, Council for Economic Education, Bill Seitz, Louis Terhar, Michael J Adelman, Tim Armstrong, John F. Barrett, Ted Beck, Dr. Julia Heath, Richard G. Ketchum, Dr. Annamarie Lusardi, W. Rodney McMullen, David W. Nelms, Robert S. Nichols, Marc Sheinbaum Financial Literacy , 1501 East 14th St, Cleveland, OH
07/21/16See invite Hillary Victory Fund (Hillary Clinton) Ann O'Leary Conference Call with Ann O'Leary , 557 Lexington Ave, New York, NY
07/21/16See invite Murray Energy Corporation Friends of Coal Luncheon , Cleveland, OH
07/20/16See invite Hillary Victory Fund (Hillary Clinton) Michelle Kwan Evening with Michelle Kwan , Brooklyn New York, NY