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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT)

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT) American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Association Political Action League Breakfast The Phoenix Park Hotel, 520 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT) International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Luncheon The Monocle Restaurant, 107 D Street NE, Washington, DC
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT) open bar and appetizers Capitol City Brewing Company, 2 Massachussets Ave NE, Washington, DC
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, VT) Tiernan Sittenfeld, Jules Pagano, Joan Mulhern, John Moyers, William Meadows, Gene Karpinski, Bill Frymoyer, Brent Blackwelder, Anna Aurilio, Luke Albee, Sara Zdeb, Lori Wallach Fundraiser 210 A Street NE, Washington, DC