Political Party Time

Performance of Hamilton for Democratic Hope Fund

Hosted by
Democratic National Committee Andrew Tobias Naomi Aberley Margo Lion Mark Bergman Leslie Lewis Andi and Tom Bernstein Laurie and Oskar Eustis Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita Jill Furman Hans Humes and Meoak Place Sander Jacobs Janet Keller Chris Lowe and Bonnie Datt Mary Jane Marcasiano Emily Mortimer Susan Penzner Thomas Schumacher Jeffrey Seller Amy Sullivan
Nov. 2nd, 2015 (3:30 p.m.)
Baldoria; Richard Rodgers Theater - 226 West 46th St, New York
Type of Event
Performance of Hamilton
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Barack Obama (D, )
Contribution Information
VIP $10,000 with photo reception and two orchestra seats Orchestra $2500: includes one orchestra seat Rear Orchestra $1000 includes one rear orchestra seat General $500: includes one rear mezzanine seat
Make Checks Payable To
Democratic Hope Fund -
Daniel Parrish
Distribution Paid for by
Democratic Hope Fund
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