Political Party Time

Evening Reception for Jeb 2016, Inc. (Jeb Bush)

Hosted by
Ed Hearst Jay Kern Bill Draper Katie Biber Chen William E. Grayson Greg Johnson Josh Lipshultz Carole McNeil
Oct. 20th, 2015 (6:45 p.m.)
Home of Silvia and Paul Edwards - Woodside, CA
Type of Event
Evening Reception
Contribution Information
$27,000 California Finance Committee Raise (Host Photo Reception and 1 ticket to future debate) $10,000 Co-host Raise (Host Photo Reception and Reception) $2,700 #ALLINFORJEB Supporter Give (Reception)
Kacy Stangl kstangl@pfrg.net 949-212-3852
Distribution Paid for by
Jeb 2016 Inc.
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