Political Party Time

Happy Hour for Mary Landrieu

Hosted by
Luke Albee Mike Henry Hayden Rogers Mike Lynch Todd Webster Jamie Fleet Casey Aden-Wansbury Neil Campbell JP Dowd Jennifer Duck Joel Elliott Jess Fassler Bill Ghent Steve Haro Maura Keefe Betsy Lin Chris Lynch Jeff Michels Pete Mitchell Bill Murat Mindy Myers Mark Powden David Ramseur Laurie Rubiner Laura Schiller Andy Winer Andy York Michael Zamore Tessa Gould
Nov. 19th, 2014 (5:30 p.m.)
La Loma - 316 Massachusetts Ave NE
Type of Event
Happy Hour
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Don Cravins Jr. (D, LA-7)
Contribution Information
Individual: $500 PAC: $1,000
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Friends of Mary Landrieu -
Alicia Pardo
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Friends of Mary Landrieu
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