Political Party Time

2012 Congressional Gala for Women's Policy, Inc.

Hosted by
Pat Schroeder Amy Plaster Karen Judd Lewis Rebecca Mandell Nikki Heidepriem Andy Blocker Alice Borrelli Ann Costello Lawrence Duncan III Darrel C Jodrey Thomas B Lilburn Mimi Mager Dean T Pappas Anna M Schneider Elizabeth Shuler Lorraine Thelian Danielle Carrig Bea Stotzer
March 7th, 2013 (6:30 p.m.)
Union Station - East Hall - 40 Massachusetts Ave NE
Type of Event
2012 Congressional Gala
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Representative Connie Morella (R, MD)
Contribution Information
WPI, (202) 554-2323
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