Political Party Time

Young Professionals Reception for Rubio Victory Committee (Marco Rubio)

Hosted by
Sam Geduldig Matt Keelen Aaron Cohen Rob Chamberlin Scott Corley Joe Wall Stephen Replogle Kerry Feehery Justin Daly Charles Spies Matt Lapinski Erskine Wells Lee Dunn Todd Malan Kara Campbell Lon Goldstein Martin Obst Morgan Ortagus Dejan Pavlovic Jeff Shapiro Jason Straczewski
April 24th, 2013 (6:30 p.m.)
Oracle Townhouse - 27 D Street SE
Type of Event
Young Professionals Reception
Contribution Information
$2,500; $250
Make Checks Payable To
ATTN: Carmen Spence - PO Box 7557, Arlington, VA 22207
Carmen Spence - carmen@millerspence.com, 703-517-9210
Distribution Paid for by
Rubio Victory Committee
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