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DC Reception for Cory Booker for Senate (Cory Booker)

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Mike Breen Shanika Amarakoon Nicholas Autiello Beth Bafford Amanda Brown Eric Broyles Noland Chambliss Marina Jenkins Daniel Kohns Dave Kumar Beatina Theopold Emily Tisch Sussman Andrea Walther Aharon Wasserman Samuel Witherbee Keenan Austin Troy Cassel Zeke Stokes Toby Chaudhuri Chris Cormier Alix DeJean Mary Galeti David Hall Matt Kaplan Darryl Lockett Halle Mayes Cassandra Pataky Rod Snyder Tori Taylor Kezia Williams Eugene Young
April 1st, 2013 (7 p.m.)
Jack Rose Dining Saloon - 2007 18th Street, NW
Type of Event
DC Reception
Contribution Information
$100; $40 Young Professional
Anne - anne@corybooker.com, 973-623-0692
Distribution Paid for by
Cory Booker for Senate
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