Political Party Time

Evening Reception with Mitt for Romney Victory Inc. (Mitt Romney)

Hosted by
Lew Eisenberg Darlene Jordan Jerry Jordan Judy Eisenberg Chris Cline Elizabeth Fago Dawn Hoffman Ambassador Al Hoffman George Banks Jenny Banks Cy Friedheim Ken Kahn Jackie Nicklaus Byron Russell Amanda Schumacher Charles Schumacher Robert Simmons Lauree Simmons Patti Walczak
Sept. 20th, 2012 (5:30 p.m.)
The home of Chris Cline - 12510 Seminole Beach Road, North Palm Beach
Type of Event
Evening Reception with Mitt
Contribution Information
$10,000 VIP Photo Reception; $2,500 Evening Reception
Meredith O'Rourke - meredith@theorourkegrp.com, 857-206-0431; Chris Thompson - cthompson@mittromney.com, 330-464-8501
Distribution Paid for by
Romney Victory Inc.
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