Political Party Time

Luncheon for Dan Lungren

Hosted by
California Dairies PAC Karen and Richard Spencer Blue Diamond Growers PAC FARM PAC John Andreini The Assemi Family Tony Azevedo Tom Birmingham Mark Borba The Campos Brothers Shawn Coburn Don Devine Ed Donaghy Jeff Flores John C. Harris David H. Jackson Don Peracchi Hon. Debbie Poochigian Jean Sagouspe Bill Stone Dave Wood Sarah Woolf California Grape and Tree Fruit League PAC Western Growers PAC
Sept. 24th, 2012 (12 p.m.)
Harris Ranch Restaurant - 24505 West Dorris Avenue, Coalinga
Type of Event
Contribution Information
$2,500; $1,500; $500
Lindsey Seitchik - Lindsey@SeitchikHQ.com, 916-476-5240
Distribution Paid for by
Lungren for Congress
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