Political Party Time

Reception for Mitt Romney

Hosted by
Mark Anderson Susan Gilbert Paul Gilbert Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wilford Cardon Kevin DeMenna David Hoefferle John Perkinson Dr. and Mrs. Paul and Heather Sandstrom Debbie Forrest Lee Hanley Dave Johnson Stacy and Parshelle Brimhall Sandra and J. Merill Funk Natalie and E.K. Gaylord II Susan and R. Gordon Porter Mary Ellen and Stan Porter Holly and Jeff Whiteman Linda and Cecil Ash Fred Ash Ann and Dennis Barney Nicole and Denny Barney Connie and Lothaire Bluth Sonia and John Breslow Jennifer and Carson Brown Karen and Richard Gulbrandsen Diana and Karl Hiatt, MD Ryan Jesperson Dena and Garron Jones Sheila and Chris King Jonathan Lindblom Jerri and Mark Mabry Ruth and Rex Maughan Jedediah McClure Gaylene and Michael Merchant Trish and Michael Oliver Pam and Steve Patience Raquel and Paul D. Petersen Janene and Ralph Pew Lisa and Chris Randall Marian and Randy Reidhead Theora Shelley Sharon and Gregory Slater Carol and Glade Soelberg Michelle and Brian Solomon Stacy and Peter G. Thomas Holly and Karl Tilleman Carrie and Michael Tomlinson
June 20th, 2007 (5:30 p.m.)
Villa Siena - 890 W. Elliott Road, Gilbert
Type of Event
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
State Sen. Chuck Gray (R, AZ-19) State Rep. Rich Crandall (R, AZ)
Contribution Information
Photo-Op and Luncheon $2300; General Reception $500
Kelly Molique 480-213-5910 or kmolique@cox.net
Distribution Paid for by
Romney for President, Inc.
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