Political Party Time

Young Professionals Bar-B-Q for Tim Griffin

Hosted by
Chris Cox Kelly Cole C. Stewart Verdery, Jr. Matt Schlapp Mike Platt Stephen Replogle Jay Perron Sergio Rodriguera Jr Alexander Castellanos Lindsey Becker Jeff Berkowitz Rob Jennings Matt Moon Ashton Randle Leslie Rutledge Rudy Barry Michael Brody Fritz Brogan Mike Falenki Blair Larkins Nicole Licardi Eric Sedlacek Chris Sheeron Addison Smith
June 22nd, 2011 (6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.)
Recording Industry Association of America - 1025 F Street NW, 10th Floor
Type of Event
Young Professionals Bar-B-Q
Contribution Information
$1,000 PAC Host; $250 Personal Host; $100 Sponsor; $50 Attend; $25 Hill Staff
Make Checks Payable To
Tim Griffin for Congress Committee - P.O. Box 7526, Little Rock, AR 72217
Elaine Svigos; 202-737-9091; rsvp@bellwethergroup.net
Distribution Paid for by
Tim Griffin for Congress Committee
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