Political Party Time

Hosted by
Bill Paxon Sue Kelly
Sept. 16th, 2010 (6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.)
The Capitol Hill Club - 300 First Street SE
Type of Event
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Rep. Pete King (R, NY-3) Rep. Tom Reynolds (R, NY-26) Rep. James Walsh (R, NY-25) Rep. Chris Lee (R, NY-26)
Contribution Information
$6,000 PAC Host; $3,000 PAC Individual (or $2,000 to each candidate's committee); $4,500 PAC Sponsor; $1,500 Individual Sponsor ($1,500 to each candidates committee); $3,000 PAC; $750 Individual; $50 Young Professional; $20 Young Professional
Make Checks Payable To
NY House Victory Committee - 228 S. Washington St. Suite 115 Alexandria, VA 22314
Margo Tennison; 202-737-9091; RSVP@bellwethergroup.net | Jeff Livingston; 703-683-6703; jeff@thetownsendgroup.com | Julie Hooks; 202-547-7854; julie@hookssolutions.com
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