Political Party Time

Friends of Fred Happy Hour for TRUST PAC (Team Republicans Utilizing Sensible Tactics Political Action Committee) (Fred Upton)

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Brenda Becker Gregg Hartley Craig Felner Tim McKone Bobby Rowland Dan Mattoon Kelly Cole Jeff MacKinnon John Feehery Charlie Black Susan Hirschmann Steve Anderson Kyle McSlarrow Tim McGivern Mark Valente III Brian Henneberry Billy Tauzin (President and CEO of PhRMA) Dennis Hastert Joanna McIntosh Drew Maloney Susan Molinari Susan Nelson Robbie Aiken Tiffany M. Moore Michael Wilson Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. Scott D Aliferis David Woodruff Ken Duberstein Jeff Breneman
June 14th, 2010 (5 p.m.)
Cantina Marina - 600 Water Street SW
Type of Event
Friends of Fred Happy Hour
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Rep. John Boehner (R, OH-8) (Speaker of the House) Rep. Eric Cantor (R, VA-7) (House majority leader) Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R, CA-22) Rep. Fred Upton (R, MI-6) (Chair, House Committee on Energy and Commerce) Rep. David Camp (R, MI-4) (Chair, House Committee on Ways and Means) Rep. Pete Sessions (R, TX-32) (Chair, House Committee on Rules) Rep. Greg Walden (R, OR-2)
Contribution Information
Give or Raise: $5,000 Host; $2,500 Sponsor; $1,000 PAC; $250 Individual
Make Checks Payable To
TRUST PAC - 104 Hume Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301
Amanda Cernik; 703-683-7500; acernik@epiphanyproductions.com
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