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Cinco de Mayo Celebration for Wyoming Values PAC (John Barrasso)

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Louis Dupart Kirk Blalock John Pemberton Doyce Boesch Rick Murphy Craig Brightup Joel Oswald Kate Hull Erin Pierce Bryan Jacobs AAOS American Assn of Orthopedic Surgeons Matt Schlapp Kathy Didawick Jeff Kimbell Missy Edwards Dean Rosen Jon Deuser Chad Bradley Brett Loper David Gillbert Sean O'Hollaren Aubrey King Robbie Aiken Jessica Keegan Tom Edmonds Peter Harter Mike Tongour
May 5th, 2010 (4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m.)
La Loma - 316 Massachusetts Ave NE
Type of Event
Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Sen. John Barrasso (R, WY)
Contribution Information
$1,000 PAC Host; $500 Individual; $250 Host; $100 Individual
Make Checks Payable To
Wyoming Values PAC - 406 Virginia Ave., Alexandria, VA 22302
Amy Bradley; 703-836-5351; amyfordbradley@comcast.net
Distribution Paid for by
WY Values PAC
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