Political Party Time

Reception and Dinner for Roy Blunt

Hosted by
Craig Felner Marilyn Harris David Gilbert John Pemberton Mark Anderson John Eichberger Donn Salvosa Robbie Aiken Mark D. Boudreaux Dan Fager
March 24th, 2010 (6:30 p.m.)
Ceiba - 701 14th Street NW
Type of Event
Reception and Dinner
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Sen. Jim Inhofe (R, OK) (Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Armed Services)
Contribution Information
$5,000 PAC Host; $2,400 Personal Host; $2,000 PAC Guest; $1,000 Personal Guest
Make Checks Payable To
Friends of Roy Blunt - 209 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003
Keri Ann Hayes; 202-454-5253; keriann@royb.net
Distribution Paid for by
Conservative Victory Fund
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