Political Party Time

Pints and Politics for John Cornyn

Hosted by
Brian Conklin Cynthia Merifield Tripodi Shawn Coughlin John Feehery Jenn Higgins Paul Jackson Mike McSherry Joel Oswald Ken Schramko Frank Vlossar Glen Woods
June 5th, 2008 (6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.)
Bobby Van's Grill - 1201 New York Ave NW
Type of Event
Pints and Politics
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Sen. Pat Roberts (R, KS) (Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration)
Contribution Information
$250 Host; $60 Attend
Make Checks Payable To
Texans for Senator John Cornyn - 201 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Suite Cs Washington, DC 20002
Robyn Swift; (202)608-1373; robyn@aristeiagroup.com
Distribution Paid for by
Texans for Senator John Cornyn, Inc.
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