Political Party Time

Reception for Mary Bono Mack

Hosted by
Directors Guild of America PAC
Sept. 8th, 2006 (3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m.)
Hilton Chicago - 720 South Michigan Ave, Chicago
Type of Event
Other Lawmakers Mentioned
Rep. Dennis Hastert (R, IL-14)
Contribution Information
$1000 PAC; $500 Individual
Make Checks Payable To
Mary Bono Committee - 1465 Stoddard Ave Wheaton, IL 60187
Lisa Wagner; 630-482-2904 | Barret Kedzior; 630-482-2904; barret@wagnerco.org; fax: 630-482-2905
Distribution Paid for by
Mary Bono Committee
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