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The Top Holiday Gifts from 2016 Presidential Candidates

While Christmas is just around the corner, we know many of you are making the mad dash for last minute gifts. For the political junkie in every family, or that friend who needs an extra coffee cup, Political Party Time has you covered.

1: Rand Paul Fake Hard Drive

Probably your next paperweight, "Hillary’s Hard Drive with Wiping Cloth" promises a nonworking product with multiple wiping cloths. Currently on sale for only $59.95.

2: Jeb Bush Guacamole Bowl

Are you tired of those boring guac bowls? Do you want to support your favorite GOP candidate without having his ...

And then there were 3: The latest fundraising activity from 2016 Democratic hopefuls

There’s still more than 10 major GOP candidates left running for president; that must be music to the ears of the Democratic 2016 contenders. But they also make their own! One can serenade you with timeless ballads, one enjoys being sung to by a different voice and another enjoys the 1960’s garage-rock revival endorsement.

Hillary Clinton travels so much you’d think her pantsuits enable time travel. Frequently touring multiple states a day, the Democratic frontrunner racks up the most miles by far. While she leads the congressional endorsement race, HRC fares well in celebrity endorsements too. With a ...

New stash of GOP invites reveals cross-country fundraising for 2016 hopefuls

As candidates ride their respective waves from last week’s CNBC GOP debate, Political Party Time is keeping track of the money flowing into their campaign coffers. Thanks to some shoe leather and some good sources, the Party Time team obtained a trove of fundraisers for some of the top GOP presidential candidates.

Next week, Marco Rubio will travel to Wisconsin for a luncheon (at one of his favorite Milwaukee restaurants, the Milwaukee Athletic Club), then to his home state of Florida for a star-studded reception. For the latter, you can enter the “Leadership Circle” for a cool $27,000.

Jeb ...

Summer of Jeb: 36 newly uncovered fundraisers show big 2016 money race

Political Party Time just got our hands on a stash of 36 summer fundraisers for former Gov. Jeb Bush, making it the most comprehensive, public place to research how his campaign is soliciting donations from wealthy donors. The events, criss-crossing the country from Lake Tahoe to Nantucket to Beverly Hills, document how the Bush campaign is ramping up fundraising as the 2016 elections approach. The special events include breakfast, coffee, lunch, brunch, cocktail and evening receptions with the candidate, where attendance costs range from giving $75 to raising $54,000. Among the dozens of events are a few that monetize access ...

Hillary Clinton's guide to throwing a house party

Hillary Clinton may be raising more than half a million dollars a day, but in a guide written by her campaign intended for grassroots event hosts the emphasis is on the collection of data about attendees. The document, obtained by the Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time and embedded below, tells hosts that sharing the sign-up data of the guests is "the single most important thing you can do for the campaign and for Hillary." The "House Party Host Guide" runs through the logistical process, legal hurdles and effective tactics for an event to transform potential voters into active campaign participants ...