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Shalabh Kumar gives nearly $900,000 to Trump Victory

Donald Trump's campaign and the RNC got a major financial boost with a massive $898,800 contribution from Indian-American industrialist — and longtime GOP ally — Shalabh Kumar.

Donations this big are possible thanks to Trump’s joint fundraising committee with the RNC and multiple state GOP parties, which can accept contributions as high as $449,400; both Kumar and his wife gave the maximum amount allowed under campaign finance law. Kumar, the founder of the Republican Hindu Coalition, told The Hill that he agreed with Trump's tough stance on Pakistan and his views on Muslim profiling. ...

New report shows GOP turning to deep-pocketed private donors to fund 2016 convention

How many deep-pocketed individuals have ponied up $100,200 — the maximum limit allowed — to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland? How many millions in private funds has the GOP raised to pay for this year's event? How much of that money came from high-dollar donors?

The answer to these questions and a number of others are in the Guide to Convention Funding: Cleveland GOP Convention, released by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund just in time for the RNC convention this week.

This brief, clear-cut report gives a snapshot of ...

Big money fuels expensive party conventions

Republican National Convention in 2012; Image credit: Flickr user Think Out Loud

Party conventions have fewer viewers, less suspense (now that nominees are weeded out through primaries), and now, thanks to a 2014 repeal of public financing of conventions (except for security funds), no longer receive any public financial support. Yet, this summer's 2016 Republican and Democratic conventions are expected to smash spending records, according to Public Citizen, a nonprofit watchdog group that yesterday released a report calling this year’s conventions a “free-for-all” in which “party bosses turn entirely to corporations and the very wealthy” to foot ...

Rubio returns with reception for the ages

After bowing out of the presidential race, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., for the looming Florida senate race against Rep. Pat Murphy, D-Fla. He’s begun the fundraising circuit with his new allies: the Pork and Pancake PACs.

Marco Rubio held at least 50 fundraisers during his presidential bid – falling in between Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. Last year Rubio converted his Senate campaign committee into his presidential campaign, beginning his presidential run with millions of dollars of cash on hand. He recently converted his presidential campaign committee back to his Marco Rubio for Senate 2016 committee. The ...

How you can officially be on the “Trump Train” or become a “Hillblazer”

Two presidential candidates are all but ready to declare victory as their party’s nominees. But they’re not waiting until the conventions to fundraise through their Victory Funds. Want to become a Hillstarter? $27,000. Hillraiser? $50,000 Hillblazer? $100,000. Donald Trump has his own benefits package. Want to give $15,000? You're now one of Trump's Eagles.

Want to give $2,700? You're now aboard the Trump Train.
McCutcheon vs. FEC, building on Citizens United vs. FEC, ruled that limiting aggregate contributions an individual can make to national parties and federal candidate committees is unconstitutional. Thus, such vessels make high-dollar fundraisers as ...