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#6 Political Partytime Podcast: Trump, Clinton and the numbers/parties to watch

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton inspire their bases. (Photo credit: Hillary for America/Flickr and Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Sunlight's Melissa Yeager, Drew Doggett, Josh Stewart and Louis Serino get together for a discussion to chat about the big fundraising numbers to know and all the parties where politicians are raising big cash for the final few day of the election. We also talk a bit about some great money in politics reporting from the LA Times, the Boston Globe and Center for Responsive Politics. And as always we talk about our favorite fundraisers for those with money to burn. ...

#5 Political Party Time Podcast: Fundraisers, clipart and pancakes2016!

Invitation for Don Beyer's Pancake Breakfast
Sunlight's Drew Doggett and Louis Serino get together for a quick podcast to talk about the big fundraisers this week and how Hillary Clinton is dominating the money race for the White House. We also chat a little bit about lobbyist fundraisers in the Indiana Senate race and why clipart is critical for any successful pancake breakfast funder. And as always we talk about our favorite fundraisers for those with money to burn. Party on!

Trump Tower vs. Chappaqua: Battle of the hometown zip codes

The New York City skyline. (Photo credit: actor212/Flickr)

Federal Election Commission filings show that Hillary Clinton is outpacing Donald Trump in individual donations across the nation. But what about in Trump’s own home state of New York? Clinton is leading Trump by an even larger margin in her adopted home state. As of the June 30 FEC filing, the former first lady – elected U.S. senator after buying a house in Chappaqua, N.Y., in 1999 – had received almost $33 million in individual donations from New Yorkers. By this same date, locally born candidate Trump was in ...

44-to-1: How Clinton is outraising Trump in America’s wealthiest ZIP codes

Hillary Clinton has raised far more money than Donald Trump in individual contributions, clobbering him at a rate of 6-to-1. But when we recently looked at where the donations are coming from, we discovered she enjoys an even greater advantage in some of the wealthiest areas of the country — a fundraising advantage that outpaces Trump at a rate of 44-to-1. How many campaign dollars were we looking to trace? Clinton’s total individual contributions were $228,069,485 as of June 30 (according to Federal Election Commission filings). In contrast, at that same date, Trump had just $36,845,971 in individual contributions. ...

#4 Political Party Time Podcast: Tracking influence at the conventions and lobbyists at the DNC

We sent Sunlighters to the RNC convention in Cleveland and the DNC convention in Philadelphia. (Photo credit: Sunlight Foundation Instagram)

Sunlight's Melissa Yeager, Libby Watson, Ben Berliner, Drew Doggett and Josh Stewart sit down to debrief after the Republican and Democratic conventions. We tracked parties and attended both the DNC and RNC, and Libby discussed what we learned. The team also takes some time to discuss Sunlight's analysis of the so-called Democratic superdelegates, where we found almost one in ten were registered lobbyists or influencers. And as always we talk about our favorite fundraisers for those with ...