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The Hottest Ticket of 2013: The Inaugural Balls Are Here

Talk about a presidential party pooper: Barack "Killjoy" Obama decided to rain all over PT's parade this time around, slashing the number of Inaugural Balls from 10 in 2008 to a measly two, the lowest since Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953! We'd prefer someone more like Bill Clinton, who raised his Inaugural Balls total from 11 to a whopping 14 in 1997 -- now there's a guy that knows how to party! But there are plenty more unofficial balls that you can attend if you've got the money - check above for PT's updated map of ALL the balls, parties, ...

Presidential Ballin': Inauguration Parties Are Here!

It's barely one week after the election and the first nails have already been hammered into the "Inaugural Platform," signaling the start of the Inauguration cycle - and of course ball season! People have already started planning their presidential bashes, and Party Time has found 11 unofficial events so far with many more to come - check here to see all them as they roll in. Most of the early planners are state societies, charities and universities. We are always looking for more invites so if you come across one, sent it our way via our upload page or email. ...