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Hillary Clinton's guide to throwing a house party

A sample invitation to a House Party for Hillary Clinton filled with fake data.

Hillary Clinton may be raising more than half a million dollars a day, but in a guide written by her campaign intended for grassroots event hosts the emphasis is on the collection of data about attendees. The document, obtained by the Sunlight Foundation's Political Party Time and embedded below, tells hosts that sharing the sign-up data of the guests is "the single most important thing you can do for the campaign and for Hillary."

The "House Party Host Guide" runs through the logistical process, legal hurdles and effective tactics for an event to transform potential voters into active campaign participants and donors. There is extensive sample language for every correspondence and design templates, like the invitation seen above to the right, to ensure grassroots communications match the tone of the general campaign.

The campaign encourages hosts in the guide to "Enter your information in at www.hilllaryclinton.com/data." That link goes to a form to enter attendees and offers an alternative if that is too burdensome: "Remember, if you don't want to enter folks 1 by 1, you can email your guest list to grassrootsdata@hillaryclinton.com."

While the guide does tell hosts, "If it makes sense for your party, feel free to ask for donations," the downplay of money is markedly different than the dozens of large donor fundraising invitations collected by Political Party Time. An invitation to a series of "Conversations with Hillary" events in early June includes the dollar amount to attend (up to $2,700) and an event on July 2 requires a donation and RSVP to get the address.

Read the entire guide below, and help us follow the 2016 money by anonymously uploading any invitation you receive here.

House Party Host Guide