Political Party Time

Booker, Obama, and Rubio party during spring break

Next week Congress continues its extended Easter break, because, you know, members almost had to work a whole month straight! Luckily for you Party Time never takes a week off, but that does mean the calendar is still looking slimmer than usual. However, the parties that are scheduled for next week have some serious heavy hitters involved -- Barack "Partier-In-Chief" Obama, Marco "I lost the presidency because I forgot how to drink" Rubio and Cory "What's Newark?" Booker. Check out the highlights below.

Obama Cashes In While Out West
Last month the President announced he would be back on the fundraising trail, trying to help the Democrats take back a majority in the House in 2014 -- now those high-profile funders have arrived. Next week the PIC has got four events crammed into Wednesday and Thursday, all occurring in the political gold mine of San Francisco. Obama will start things off with a $5,000 cocktail reception at the home of environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer -- sounds normal so far, right? Well it turns out this party might get a little awkward due to Steyer's firm opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline, a project Obama may allow to go forward. To make matters worse, Obama's environmental woes will follow him to his next event, and by woes we mean a crowd of about 2,000 climate activists in protest of the pipeline. They'll be harassing the president at a $32,400 per plate dinner at the home of billionaire Gordon Getty, whose house hopefully has enough land around it to keep the protesters at bay. Both of these parties will benefit the DCCC, and it comes at a critical time -- the group is currently listing more than $10 million in debt. PT hasn't got its hands on these invites, so if you've managed to snag them upload them to us here!

The next day, Mr. PIC will be doing double sessions again, starting out at 9:30 with a $32,400 brunch somewhere in San Fran. The intimate affair is limited to only 30 seats, so it promises some serious quality time with the prez. Just an hour and a half later, Obama will hightail it over to an early lunch at the home of philanthropists John and Marcia Goldman. Prices are $1,000 to get in, at least $5,000 for a photo opp, and $20,000 to co-chair the event. Both of these parties will directly benefit the Democratic National Committee.

No Rest for Rubio
While many of his fellow lawmakers are relaxing from the hectic party schedule, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., actually decided to ramp it up by holding two funders next week. On Monday he'll be in Chicago for a reception and private dinner at the home of business executive Judson Green. It's $1,000 for a couple to attend the reception, but the private dinner afterwards will max out at $10,400. If you've got your hands on the invite you know what to do! On Friday, Rubio will head home to the Sunshine State for a Weekend at the Biltmore Hotel, a resort destination outside of Miami. For party-poopers only wanting to stay Friday (dubbed the "Havana Nights" package, even though it is only one night), it's $2,500. But for party animals staying the whole crazy weekend, it'll run you anywhere from $10,000 to $5,000.

Booker Still Won't Admit It
Although the world's worst-kept secret is still technically unconfirmed, the Cory Booker for Senate committee continues to travel the country raising copious amounts of cash. Booker is heading back inside the beltway on Monday for a Young Professionals Reception at the hip Adams Morgan bar Jack Rose. There's sure to be fixed gear bicycles, cuffed jeans and lots of PBR to go around. And if that doesn't get you, then maybe the prices will -- the event is appropriately cheaper than most funders, with $40 tickets available. Don't miss this chance to be hip with the hippest mayor (for now) around!

That's all for now. Make sure to check back next week when the lawmakers -- and the parties -- return in full force!

Photo courtesy of Chuck Kennedy via Wikimedia Commons.