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This Week in Partying - Goodbye DeMint, Hello Koch Brothers, and more!

Farewell, James Warren DeMint. Party Time will miss you.

After all, DeMint has thrown over 60 events since 2009, packing the PT database with fundraisers like it was a stuffed stocking. He even scheduled a $2,000 lunch at Congressional favorite Charlie Palmer's on Dec. 13, but John Graham of the fundraising firm the Gula Graham Group notified PT that it had been canceled. The Tea Party hero (and partying powerhouse) will be shifting gears to become president of the Heritage Foundation. It's located right on Capitol Hill, so DeMint won't be straying too far. Maybe he'll amp up the conservative think tank's party profile. PT can find only one measly invite for a Heritage-sponsored party in our files and it wasn't even in D.C.

Meanwhile, who will replace this party animal? Rumblings of fellow Palmetto Stater Stephen Colbert have arisen, who proved an intimidating fundraiser - his super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow raised over $1 million. But S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has already quashed that idea - all because Colbert didn't know the state drink was milk.

There are still plenty of parties going on, and we've got the low-down. Check the invites below:

The Blue Plate Special
The DSCC is bringing in the big guns for their Majority Trust Dinner on Dec. 12, located at the swanky St. Regis Hotel just blocks away from the White House. In attendance will be the top members of the Democrats' Senate leadership team: Majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. This core of blue heavy hitters costs a pretty penny to dine with -  guests have to cough up $30,800 - the maximum an individual is allowed to donate to a national party committee, and there are no cheaper seats.

More Campaign Kick-Offs for 2014
While 2014 may be more than a year off, more and more politicians are nonetheless preparing for the next election season. Sen. Mark Udall, D-Col0., is hosting his self-explanatory "Reception to Kick Off his 2014 Reelection" on Dec. 10. It takes place on the Cava Mezze rooftop, which could get a tad chilly this time of year... To join the senator, guests will need to fork over anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000.

Another politician getting a head start on the 2014 election is Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga. The NRSC HQ will be the site of his "Kick Off Breakfast" on Dec. 13, a mere eight days after his dinner at Ruth's Chris. And that event was a mere 11 days after his Quarterly Max Out Reception - it seems like his fundraising campaign has already kicked off, no? To attend Chambliss' third event since the Election Day, it'll run you as much as $2,500.

The Return of the Koch
It was a tough election for the Koch brothers, billionaire businessmen Charles and David. Their 501 c(4), Americans for Prosperity, spent over $33 million to oppose the reelection of Barack Obama. After doing the math, that's a return on investment of about, say, 0%.

But the brothers are back! They are helping kick off another campaign for the 2014 season, and this time it's Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. Koch Industries is hosting a "Campaign Kick-Off Reception" at the NRSC, an event costing between $5,000 and $500 dollars. Cornyn serves on the Finance subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure - what will Charles and David expect in return for this party? If nothing else, at least Cornyn is a bit of a safer bet for the brothers, winning his last election 55% to 43%.

Looking into the week after, PT spots its first event for McConnell Victory Kentucky, a joint fundraising committee set up with McConnell's campaign fund and the Kentucky GOP. The Dec. 18 fundraising dinner is also hosted by Koch Industries, and will cost guests $1,000 and PACs $2,500. It seems as though their 2012 return on investment (or lack thereof) hasn't deterred the Brothers Koch, and they are setting their sights on 2014.

Bobbing for Lobbyists
Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., is trying to escape the cold weather of D.C. and get back to the blissful days of summer with his "Bluegrass and BBQ" fundraiser, taking place at the downtown Hill Country BBQ restaurant. It will run guests up to $1,000, and it looks like the party will be packed - packed with lobbyists, that is. Take a look at some of the sponsors and hosts:

Do you see a pattern yet? These are all people representing special interests that have helped out Warner, who's up for reelecton in 2014.  And these are just three from a list of dozens - who else listed on the invite could be expecting things from Warner?

Food for thought with your eggnog . . .

Until next time, Partiers!

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)