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Politicians Should Be Thankful for Fundraisers

As Thanksgiving rolls around next week, we should all honor the things and people we appreciate most in life. Take the time to count your blessings, share time with loved ones and pray for world peace.

Or, you know, do what everyone else does: Eat way more than you should, watch way more football than you should, and fall asleep on the couch way earlier than you should. Nothing more American than that!

Unfortunately for Party Time, it looks like politicians will be busy doing the same thing next week, leaving our database as empty as Hostess' bank account (goodbye, Twinkies?). Instead, we'll be letting you Partiers know who certain lawmakers should be thankful for - which celebrities and lobbyists have hosted important fundraisers to sustain campaigns, and even propel some to victory.

"O, Funder, Where Art Thou" - Barack Obama Thanks George Clooney

Dear George,

I know the stars came out in full support of me this year. I mean, I had people like John Legend, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Tom Hanks, and more. I think Romney had Ted Nugent and Meatloaf -- enough said. But let me be clear, you really stood out from the pack. I have to thank you for opening your doors for that May 10 reception. It was crazy. That night alone netted me over $15 million! Apparently it was the most lucrative fundraiser ever, and I can't thank you enough. You even had my back on the international front, traveling all the way to Switzerland for a $20,000/plate reception. Here's to another four years as President (thanks to you!), and another four years of Clooney fundraisers!

(Still) The President

"The Business of Fundraising" - Mitt Romney Thanks Ron Gidwitz

Hello Mr. Gidwitz,

I am so pleased with your efforts in helping my campaign, even if we were vanquished. Your four fundraisers that took place last September and October helped me generate precious money to keep my campaign in tip top shape. And your confidence never faltered, even when it came down to the wire; that $10,000 private dinner in your beautiful Gold Coast home contributed to more swing state ad buys, which almost worked. And I never said any campaign-crippling comments at your fundraisers either! From one businessman to another, thank you.

Willard "Mitt" Romney

"21st Century Partier" - Basically Every House Democrat Thanks Jocelyn Hong

Dear Jocelyn,

We love your work, which is exclusively hosting fundraisers for blue representatives like us. And we really mean all of us - from uber-liberal Lynn Woolsey to the centrist Baron Hill.We checked the Party Time database (doesn't everyone these days?), and you've hosted over 70 parties for us. That's enough to top the PT list as the most prolific host! We know you don't personally hand over checks to us, but the way you just bundle together everyone else's - $1,000 here, $5,000 there - and send them over in a nice little package is just so handy. And you even let us use your work place, the 21st Century Townhouse, for our shindigs. We hate clean up. Anyways, thanks again - we hope to see you soon!

House Dems

"Earmark Exchange" - Coloradans Thank Louis Dupart

Dear Louis,

On behalf of Colorado Democrats such as former Rep. Betsy Markey, Rep. Diana DeGette,  Rep. Ed Perlmutter, former Rep. John Salazar, Interior Secretary (and former Sen.) Ken Salazar,  and Sen. Michael Bennet, thank you! We know you appreciate The Centennial State as much as we do by the amount of fundraisers you've hosted for us. We can tell you're an old pro by the way you throw so many parties at Capitol Hill hotspots like Bistro Bis, Art and Soul and the Capitol Hill Club. Sure, you've successfully sought earmarks from us while working as a lobbyist for The Normandy Group while throwing parties, but we know that you just organized the meeting - nothing more. We look forward to more meetings "organized" by you!

Thanks again!
Colorado Democrats

So there's an inside look into how politicians thank some of their VIPs, courtesy of Party Time. We're always grateful for invitations, and we'd definitely appreciate it if you could send some our way here!

Happy Thanksgiving, Partiers!