Political Party Time

The Calm Before the Storm, Last Minute Fundraisers and Looking Ahead - Way Ahead

With the placid weather in D.C. right now, one wouldn't expect Hurricane Sandy to be hitting the East Coast in less than 24 hours - a force so devastating it's been dubbed "Frankenstorm" and even "More Perfect Than the Perfect Storm."

It's an oddly similar situation here at Party Time. There's less than two weeks until Election Day, and we know gale force rhetorical winds are blowing out there somewhere, yet the calendar of PT looks awfully bare now; the calm before the storm indeed.

The potential destruction of the hurricane already has had an impact on the political world: Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney  has cancelled a Virginia Beach rally, and more crucial changes could be on the way for both him and Obama as they try to squeeze in their last stops throughout the battleground states. But a few courageous lawmakers are braving the storm and continuing to throw fundraisers. We've got the highlights below. Stay safe, Partiers!

Presidential Fundraisers - They Never (Ever) End
In a rare spectacle of political honesty, it seems as though both Romney and Obama are keeping their promises to stop appearing at campaign fundraisers. Both presidential candidates have escalated their campaigning efforts, attending rallies rather than partying (not cool!). But the fundraisers haven't ended completely, and both camps have something scheduled next week.

The Obama Victory Fund is hosting a fundraiser featuring singer Carole King on Oct. 29 at a private home in Belmont, Mass. (Belmont is also Romney's current residence - er, at least one of them). Tickets will be $10,000 per couple to co-host, $5,000 per individual to get Priority Seating, and a minimum $2,500 to get in the room. As of this writing, there could still be spots open for this "Grassroots Fundraising House Party" - "It's Not Too Late" to get your tickets! (Couldn't resist the musical pun, folks.)

The following day there will be a "Taste of Boston" event benefiting Obama in Bean Town, with Michelle Obama on the guest list. The fundraiser takes place at the ritzy Park Place Castle, and will feature high-end restaurants such as RialtodbarStellaHamersley’s BistroOrta and Pigalle. The price for such a feast? Just $250 for general admission, but $3,500 for a picture with the First Lady.

Romney Victory, Inc. hasn't finished either, hosting a dinner with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson in Chicago (Oddly enough, Obama's stomping grounds...). This invitation came via letter from a Romney Victory finance staffer and urges the importance of the fundraiser, writing, "We're not the country we used to be and if we don't change course in November, we may never be again." Dire words and a stiff warning, which is why they are asking for donations of up to $10,000 to attend this dinner, one of the last Romney Victory events in the region.

A Koch Brother Sighting
On Nov. 2,  Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will be the "special guest" at a fundraiser for the NY Republican Senate Committee. But Walker will be in familiar company, as major benefactor and multi-billionaire David Koch will be on-hand as host. Koch supported Walker in his recall election and has called the governor "an impressive guy," so it is no surprise to see him involved with the event. To hang with the boys, it'll run you $2,500 for lunch and a photo, and $1,000 for the reception.

Packers Get Into Politics
Fellow Wisconsinite Ron Johnson will be throwing his own fundraiser (to benefit the senator's Strategy PAC) on Oct. 28 at the next Green Bay Packers game. It's uncertain how much supporters will have to shell out for the event, but those who endure the brutal cold of Lambeau Field deserve a free pass. The fans who do go are probably in for a favorable outcome - the Pack's opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, have been one of the league's worst (and probably aren't used to the cold).

In With the Old, In With the Young
If you're a fan of "A Prairie Home Companion," you're probably over 60 years old. But have we got the perfect fundraiser for you! Legendary host Garrison Keillor and those signature red shoes of his will be headlining "The Grand Forks Hot Dish" for North Dakota Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp. Tickets for the event cost anywhere from $250 to $25, and everyone who goes gets a free Heidi potsticker! And don't worry, it starts at 1:30PM, so it'll only run a little bit past bed time.

If you run with a slightly younger crowd, the hippest congressman around, Keith Ellison, is having a #GetOutToVoteMN hip-hop concert to benefit the Minnesota Democrat's campaign for re-election. The headliners include Brother Ali (a blind, albino rapper) and Slug (real name Sean Daley) of the group Atmosphere, so it's bound to be a high-energy show. And the best part - it's only $5 to get in, dawg.

Elections in 2014 - Fundraising Already?!
It's never too early to start fundraising, and it's looking like Maryland Delegate Heather Mizeur is gearing up for a run at governor in 2014. (Somebody told her it's only 2012, right?) Singer Melissa Etheridge is raising money to jump start Mizeur's campaign by performing at a Special Evening event. Both Etheridge and Mizeur, good friends, are gay and champion marriage equality, including Maryland's same-sex marriage law which is on the ballot for Nov. 6. Tickets to the event cost $250.

It's hard to imagine the next fundraising cycle is here - and the election hasn't even happened yet! Here we go again.

Until next time, Partiers.